January 2, 2015

the struggle is real

Hello, 2015 . . . and hello to the blogosphere, after a long hiatus.

Last summer I started baking more and decorating cakes, which has consumed most of my free time - and this blog took a hit. I honestly don't know what direction to take this in . . . it's fun to think of having a baking blog, or to post cake pictures here too. But again - the time issue. 

Every now and then I feel the urge to write, so I'm just going with it. 

It is so refreshing to hear someone share a struggle, to be honest and transparent.

Social media is very deceptive, in the sense that we only post our highlights. It's easy to compare your "real" moments with everyone's instagram and facebook feeds (as they call it, "highlight reels"). Sure, anyone's life can look perfect on the outside. But the older I get, the more I realize that everyone is going through something.

As the cliche saying goes, "the struggle is real."

Whether or not they are willing to share, that is something else altogether. 

I have a few friends that have been wrestling with circumstances lately. Unexpected setbacks, not having it all together, not knowing where life is headed. But let's be real . . . which one of us actually has it all figured out?

If we're honest, no one does. And it's life-giving to know that we're not alone.

One of my friends recently said that she was hesitant to be honest with people, because she didn't want their pity. I totally get that. There is a difference between pity and empathy. There is something about "doing life" together, coming alongside a fellow traveler and choosing to walk with them. To encourage them, know how to pray for them, and help carry a burden. 

When we are honest, we give others the opportunity to bless, to speak truth, to encourage. And to let a watching world know that we don't have it all together, and that's OK. In fact, that's normal. It's being human. There is freedom there.

To all of my friends who are struggling, you are not alone. To those of you who have chosen vulnerability, thank you. To those of you who share stories, keep going. To those of you who are listening, respond in gentleness and kindness. You don't know what battle that person is facing, and this world could use more grace.

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  1. My wife and really enjoyed this. Jay & Jo


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