January 8, 2010

Jesus, take the wheel

Yesterday I was reminded of God's grace, sovereignty, protection and presence . . . on the side of a mountain.

We had a retreat in Gatlinburg, TN earlier this week for the college ministry . . . a few girls and I left early due to snow that was coming - there was a chance we'd get snowed in for an extra day or two, and none of us really wanted to get caught in it.

It was hardly snowing when we left the cabin, so we thought we were golden - and we took the winding mountain roads around Cherokee because that route saved about an hour from the trip, and hey - the weather didn't look bad.

Well, we were almost out of the winding roads and by this point it had been snowing more heavily and pretty steady. the road was white for the majority of the roads, but it was just dust - nothing sticking.

However, as we came around a corner, I looked up and saw a ford explorer coming towards us, fishtailing out of control. There was a truck in front of us that had come to a complete stop . . . that I actually didn't see - I couldn't take my eyes off of the explorer, and I was sure he was going to hit the truck in front of us.

Did I mention we were in a sedan?

Next thing I know, Tori, who was driving, starts saying "hold on!" . . . she hit the brakes, but there was ice beneath us - and she was losing control. We were going to hit the back of the truck, and then land in the ditch on our side of the road, so I held on and tried to prepare myself for impact.

Well, the impact never came . . . so I opened my eyes. To both of our surprise and shock, everyone was on the road, and no one had crashed.

We had another one of the girls, Katie, following us in her sedan - who had successfully stopped behind us.


All I could do was pray - thank you Jesus for what you just did, but PLEASE get us off of this mountain! We cannot handle any more excitement!

None of us could believe what just happened. I didn't even see Tori drive around the truck because I closed my eyes! Somehow, her sedan passed the truck without hitting the truck or landing in the ditch . . . and on the other side of the road, the ford explorer had finally come to a stop, without hitting anyone on the road.

I still cannot believe it.

It was one of those moments where you know that God just intervened. It was as if He put a shield around our car, and then grabbed our car like a little kid playing with matchbox cars.

It was such a reminder of God's faithfulness, provision, protection and sovereignty.

And what did we do to deserve it? That's where the grace comes in.

I mean . . . so many things could have happened. All 4 cars could have collided, it could've happened at a more steep part of the mountain, someone could've gone off the side of the mountain . . . if someone was going faster or if the timing had been different, we could've had a nice visit to the hospital, or worse.

I am so thankful and amazed at what happened . . . it was scary, but such a huge reminder of God's provision, sovereignty and faithfulness.

I can't stop saying it.

Anyway . . . isn't it funny, these moments where everything becomes so clear? It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and monotony . . . sometimes we feel that God is far away or He's not working in our lives. But then, you go on a retreat to Gatlinburg, almost die, and God says - hello, I've been here along. Why is your faith getting weak, crazy? I GOT you on lockdown!

I almost wish I could have situations like that every day. God needs to hit me upside the head and remind me of how He's always right by my side, guiding and protecting me.

And yet, he has the grace to do so in such amazing ways. And He still loves me and grows me when I'm being stupid and stubborn.

I love these moments where I can clearly see God's hand in my life. Those times when there is not even a trace of doubt in my mind that God just did something. Like breaking up with my ex a few years ago and the healing that came, my current roommate situation, the selling of my car and buying my current car, and this.

God is kind and gracious enough to give us these moments. And I am so thankful.

I just don't know if I want to go back to the burg anytime soon. ;)

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  1. it is so amazing that you didn't wreck, and i'm so glad! i love how God uses certain situations to wake us up. they can be big or small...but sometimes it just hits you and you realize that God is totally providing and somehow..you forgot! it's so sweet to be pulled back to him like a child who runs to their parent for comfort. i hope that you will continue to see his goodness and provision in the coming days!


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