August 6, 2012

Every now and then . . .

. . . funny things happen when you talk yourself into going for a jog . . . outside, in the middle of an August day in North Carolina.

I mean - no biggie, right? Suuure the forecast says it's 92, but I'm sure there will be plenty of shade and breeze along the route. I got this.

You start to do things like draw parallels between your running route and walk with God.

You contemplate crossing hillsborough street to get some Chinese food. You start to weigh the dangers of poison ivy and ticks against the probability of losing bladder control from all that water you drank earlier.

When the route starts to get less than easy, you have to speak truth to yourself . . . whether that's thinking yes, my car will still be there at the end of these 5 miles and I will make it . . . or preaching to yourself that Christ is better than anything in this world, and that facing adversity with Him is better than an easy road without Him.

Sometimes you wonder if you're just going to lose it, and someone's going to find you spread-eagle on the side of the path.

When you face adversity, you know that the road isn't going to be easy. You see that steep hill in the hot summer air, with the sun beating down on you. Yet, you choose to say, OK God - let's go. It's never promised to be without struggle. In fact, those trials are guaranteed.

But it is worth it. So keep holding on.

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