September 14, 2012

Just a Shadow

"Earthly pleasures, C.S. Lewis famously said, were supposed to function like rays of the sun that direct us back to their source. As the ray warms our face, we look up along the ray to its source . . . as Jonathan Edwards said, 'pleasure is the ray, God's love is the sun. Pleasure is the shadow, God's love is the substance. Pleasure is the stream, God's love is the ocean.'"
- from Gospel by J.D. Greear
Admiring a sunrise this week, I found myself thinking - this is the glory of God. Wait, no . . . this is but a mere shadow of what's to come, when God's glory is fully revealed. God is glorified in this moment, in beauty, in creation, but it's just a miniscule taste. And Jesus is so much more beautiful and more captivating than all the sunrises that ever existed - and in that, my heart rejoices.
 “No eye has seen,
   no ear has heard,
   no mind has conceived
  what God has prepared for those who love him”

1 Corinthians 2:9

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