May 1, 2014

open hands

From Him and through Him and for Him are all things . . .
- Romans 11:36

Ohhh, it has been too long.

But I am back :)

For now, at least.

Anyway . . . a friend of mine recently talked about living with open hands. Living in a way where you are fully yielded to God, not withholding anything from Him. Your hands are not clenched tightly around any area of your life, because nothing is off limits for God. He can take and give freely.

If I fully believe that God created me, has drawn me to Himself and is the one who sustains, guides and fulfills me . . . then how can anything be off limits for Him?

Scripture says that all things were created by God and for God. 

That causes me to ask . . . what am I living for?

Am I living for the one who created me and saved me? Am I fully available to Him? Am I finding my fulfillment and purpose in Him? 

It frees me from living for my own agenda or timeline. It changes my perspective.

My small group is going through a study called "Experiencing God." I read something this morning that goes along with living this way:

God will start to make Himself known to you simply as He would to a child. As you respond to Him in childlike trust, a whole new way of looking at life will begin to unfold for you. Your life will be fulfilling. You will never sense an emptiness or a lack of purpose in your life. God always fills your life with Himself. 

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  1. Glad your are back! Awesome!


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