May 18, 2014

Sweet weddings

Did I ever tell you that I love weddings? Because I do. :)

Yesterday my sweet friends Amy and Jeremy got married and it was beautiful. And fun. A perfect mix of both.

I loved getting to be a part of this! It was also so sweet to be reunited with old friends and to spend time with them over the past few days leading up to the wedding.

I was honored to be involved in baking cupcakes for the reception, as well as just getting to see how everything came together.

Thursday I went over to Amy's apartment to help decorate/assemble the cupcakes. Her family and friends tackled 260 cupcakes in 2 1/2 hours. I would say that's an accomplishment.

Another thing I loved about her wedding is that they did it all themselves with the help of family and friends. The decorations, setting up/tearing down, flowers, music, cupcakes and SO many other things that I'm sure I'm missing.

It was beautiful to watch friends and family rally around this couple to support them, to work together to do the preparations and decorations and so many things surrounding the wedding. I just kept admiring this and being thankful that I got to see something so harmonious.

I also kept admiring Amy's poise. Every time I saw her, she seemed so calm and went with the flow. It was also priceless to see the excitement she and Jeremy had to be with one another.

Yay weddings :) Yay friends, yay family, yay homemade and beautiful things.

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