February 27, 2012

Every February, it never fails - I get to this point where I'm all blaaaaaaahhhh.

I am glad we have seasons, don't get me wrong. At first, when it starts to get chilly outside (November/December) I actually enjoy coming inside and getting all cozy, making soup and tea and curling up on the couch in front of the fireplace.

Except then February comes and I'm over it. I get tired of being cooped up inside because it's too cold outside to play, I'm ready for it to still be light outside at 9pm, my soul (and my skin) is ready for long days out in the warm sun . . . the thought of being poolside, even if it's sweltering hot and humid is GLORIOUS.

I want a change in scenery, I start to think that I need a vacation, I use coconut scented bodywash to remind me of the beach :) and I paint my nails in a way to encourage the onset of spring . . .

I do love essie :)

Speaking of being cooped up inside, then I get bored and either want to go shopping for things that I really don't need, and/or just continue with my baking obsession. I recently spent $45 just on baking ingredients - do you see what happens to me?

why yes, you can make rice krispy treats with cinnamon toast crunch.

The good news is, this is the very end of February. Spring is just on the horizon, plus who am I kidding - North Carolina has been unseasonably warm this winter (just last week we had snow AND 75 degree weather - all within a 4-day stretch) and it hasn't been as dreary as it usually is.

The other good news is, I woke up this morning and felt sore in places that I didn't know muscles existed, thanks to this workout:

check it out

and when I say this workout, I mean that I barely made it 1 1/2 way through (well, I did skip the shoulder raises because my arms were about to fall off) and nearly collapsed on the floor . . .

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  1. haha girl I am right there with you! I just bought a bathing suit, among many other articles of clothing that can't be worn until at LEAST May (except for my 4 day vacation in a few weeks).


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