April 7, 2014

photo recap of Charleston

There is just something wonderful about sleeping in your own bed after being out of town for a weekend, right? I forget how hard it can be to sleep in a bed that isn't your own. I also forgot how I never get good sleep before race day (or, how I never really sleep at all).

The weather on Friday and Saturday was probably the best we've had, in the five years that the Bridge Run weekend has been in existence.

It was wonderful.

I never know what I love more . . . all of the food and fun restaurants, or the race itself.

At one point during the weekend, someone said, "If you had kids, you wouldn't take so many pictures of your food."

at Five Loaves

two half-salads . . . one with eggplant fritters, the other with caramelized pearl onions and polenta croutons . . . and sweet basil/honey dressing WHAT :)
making friends at the race expo

we look pretty good for being up since before 5am, right?

after the race

no trip is complete without getting dessert at Kaminsky's


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