February 24, 2014

beauty . . . and flavor

I woke up entirely too early (5:05am to be exact) to take the best spin class of my life. Not even kidding. It was more than worth it. Sync Cycle is my new favorite thing.

On the drive home, I saw a painted sky as the sun rose over I-40.

It made me think . . . how awesome is God, that He shows us such beauty, even in the daily things?

In the fall, I was reading The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler. There's a section where He talks about creation and how everything that God designed points us back to Him.

He writes:

When we eat certain foods, I want to be thinking of the fact that the flavor was created by God . . .
He created the flavors! He created the colors. He created it all, and he did it all out of the overflow of his perfections. It's not like he was thinking, "Oh, I've got some fajita flavoring over here. I know: let's put it on the cow and the chicken." He created the avocado to have a certain flavor; he created the skirt steak, the fillet, and the tenderloin to have certain flavors. That was God's doing. So every aspect of creation, from the largest galaxy to the tiniest burst of flavor in food or drink or seasoning, radiates the goodness of God. Everything declares that "in the beginning, God made me."

I was at the beach with my parents when I first read this. You know when you read something and God reveals Himself to you in a new way, or when finally something inside of you just "clicks" and your eyes are opened? This part of the book did that for me.

I got suuuper excited about avocados and the fact that God made such a wonderful food, along with thousands upon millions upon billions of other amazing things on this earth.

I remember running inside and telling my mom, "God made avocados! I am so glad God made avocados! They are just so amazing! God is so amazing!"

She must've thought I was out of my mind.

But seriously! When is the last time you took a step back and thought about creation and the author of it all? God didn't have to make colors or flavors or sounds or sensations. He could have put us in a world that was void of color, sound, tastes, feelings or experiences. But He did (I'm so glad) and all of those things point back to Him and His glory.

Back to the avocados . . . they are SO good. I'm glad that God made avocados and cilantro and chipotle peppers and everything that constitutes my roommate's fish tacos. It's like the glory of God exploding in every bite. She's making them this week and I'm suuper excited.

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