February 7, 2014

how I feel after working a week of night shift

. . . and that about covers it. seriously.

Nurses have a weird schedule sometimes. This week I worked 7PM to 7AM.

The way I switch back to a normal sleep/wake cycle is to come home after my last shift (usually around 8:30am), sleep until 1pm, then treat it like a normal rest of the day and go to bed at a decent hour. 

I used to always have some sort of coffee or lunch date planned, or at least plans in the evening. It's pretty hit or miss these days . . . and more often than not, I'm too exhausted to do anything that exciting.

After working a stretch of night shifts, my roommate likes to tell me that I have this vacant stare in my eyes, like no one is home. I'm pretty sure she's telling the truth.

I legitimately want to stay in tonight. Just work on getting back to a normal schedule. Sometimes I feel like I'm 50 for getting excited about staying in.

But when I push myself to go to every single social event, I end up getting cranky, mentally checking out, not being fully engaged with the people I'm with. So sometimes it is better to just have a date with the couch.

Here's to being 28 . . . going on 50. ;)

Happy Friday!!!

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