February 18, 2014

five random loves



1. Macarons
I have become slightly obsessed with making macarons . . . ever since I tried them for the first time at La Farm, I was on a mission. Biscoff, red velvet, chocolate with vanilla buttercream . . . wondering what new flavor to make next :)

2. Miranda
My roommate discovered this British comedy. I am really particular about what shows I like, and this one won me over . . . I laugh out loud every time. It doesn't help that we watched all 18 episodes in a span of 7 days (thanks, hulu), but the episodes are still entertaining the second time around :)

3. Natalie Grant - Hurricane
I bought this album on a whim last Monday and I don't regret it one bit. I love Natalie Grant anyway, and this album is wonderful :)

4. A Pink Ladder
My mom surprised me at Christmas by not only buying me a badly needed stepladder, but also by sanding it down and painting it pink with glitter. ah ma-zing. It's wonderful to change your air filters without the fear of waking up in the neuro ICU with a head injury.

5. Sync Cycle
Ever since a co-worker told me about this, I've been hooked. Spin is my favorite workout and this takes it to the next level. It's the only reason I would dare to wake up at 5am on my days off. Insanity, yes . . . but I just love it.

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