February 22, 2014

the small things


I have been reading a book called "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby and Claude King . . . there is a workbook to go along with it (similar to a Beth Moore study) and I've slowly been going through it over the past few weeks.

The authors help you to learn what it means to really know God and have a closer relationship with Him.

One of the main points is this: God is always at work around you. Watch to see what He is doing and join Him.

So often we think that we have to go and "do" something on our own for God, instead of doing something with God and allowing Him to use you and work through you.

I have been praying that God would open my eyes to what He's doing around me. I was expecting and hoping for something huge, out of the ordinary, monumental, etc.

But this week, a friend reminded me that God is working in my small group.

It caught me off guard.

When I was looking for something crazy out in left field, I was missing what's right in front of me.

Sometimes God does show us amazing and grandiose things.

But He's right there in the small details, in the daily, "normal" things. How often do I overlook this?

I lead a small group, and God is working in the hearts and lives of these women I encounter every week.

God is working in my co-workers and friends who initiate conversations with me about Him.

God is working in the patient who is holding onto His promises each day through a chronic illness.

Where is God working around you?

I pray that God would continue to open our eyes to where He is working, and that we would be delighted in the small things.

It reminds me of this song, "Whisper" by Natalie Grant.

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