March 27, 2014

Cooper River Bridge Run

. . . getting so creative with my titles here, right?

Next weekend will be my 5th Cooper River Bridge Run.

Have I trained? . . . Well, I've only gone running once within the last 4 weeks.

It's OK, I'm just gonna wing it ;)

If you are a walker, runner or run/walker, you should definitely go if you haven't already. It's a 10K in beautiful Charleston, and I always make a weekend out of it with some girlfriends.

The first year we went (2010), I made a 12-week "plan" and trained pretty intensely, even going running after working a 12-hour shift. I battled with some shin splints as well.

The second year (2011), one of my friends ended up getting a stress fracture because she trained too intensely, too quickly.

The largest group we've gone with was 15 or 16, and the smallest group was last year, with 7 of us.

A lot of runners used to dress up for the event, and in 2011 there was an official costume contest . . . that was the year that I dressed up as Lady GaGa and my friend Christen was Beyonce. We didn't win anything but it was. so. much. fun.

In 2012, the trip was right before my friend Carly was leaving to move to the west coast. That year we dressed up too. She was a parrot and I was a pirate. (It was a reference to an episode of How I Met Your Mother . . . plus I used to be in love with pirates)

2013 was the first year I dressed "normal" for the race. I hardly saw anyone at the race in costume, which made me a little sad inside.

I am getting hyped for this year, and I hope everyone else is too :)
. . . like a boss


2011 . . . pre-race shenanigans
we run this town

Hi . . . mom? We found Waldo.

. . . and Beaker

most of the crew in 2011


dancing . . . warming up before the race

one of my favorites

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