July 18, 2012

Just the facts, man

A few random things about Nicaragua and our trip . . .

  • Plantains, beans and rice (also called gallo pinto) are staples . . . and also very delicious.
  • 1 US Dollar = approx 23 Cordobas. 
  • 1 Coca-Cola = 12 Cordobas . . . and it's made with real sugar, so it was ah-mazing.
  • We kept track of everyone by counting off everywhere we went . . . and by the end of the week, our team could successfully count to 17 - even in Spanish. (I was numero cinco)
  • Your passport is not valid until you sign it. I did not realize this until going through security Friday morning in the wee hours of 5-something-o'clock when I almost had a heart attack. Thanks TSA, I love you too.
  • The random tropical fruit that you see at the lake may be calling your name, but don't do it . . . it may come back to haunt you later.
  • You don't need a prescription for anti-emetics in a third world country. who knew?
  • The US brand name for Dimenhydrinate is Dramamine. Who knew?
  • Electric showers are interesting.
  • Sharing a bathroom with 7 other women is interesting.
  • A skillet is not considered a utensil.
  • Although they might be foaming at the mouth, giant ants will not eat you in your sleep.
  • You can buy an iguana off the side of the street.
  • Anti-bacterial hand wipes may have saved my life (or at least my sanity)
  • I am terrible at bartering, however my friend Janna likes to barter mostly in English - and is very talented at this :) ("mi amigo! mi amigo! por que no?")

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