January 26, 2014

a recipe from the weekend

I have a confession. 

Sometimes, as I'm falling asleep at night, I can't wait for the morning - because I get to drink coffee and have breakfast. I just love it.

Last week, Carly made these crazy good sweet potato waffles and I just had to make them once I was back home. The recipe is here.

They call for coconut flour, so they're actually gluten free if you follow the recipe.

I had never used coconut flour . . . but it is amazing and fragrant and adds a natural sweetness. 

These waffles have a fluffy and moist texture about them, and the sweet potato is paired nicely with some orange zest - which gives it a nice fresh citrus kick.

The only modifications I made were:
  • instead of 1/4 cup butter, I used 1/8 cup butter + 1/8 cup applesauce.
  • instead of coconut milk, I used cow's milk (but only because I didn't have coconut milk)
  • I also didn't have sage, so I left it out - and they were still baller (or bomb, as you would say if you were in California).
  • She doesn't specify when to add your whole eggs, so I folded them in with the sweet potato mixture.

The only catch is that they don't hold completely well together (perhaps because of the coconut flour?) . . . just make sure you spray/oil/butter your waffle iron enough so that those puppies can just slide right out.

Drizzle some pure maple syrup on top and you are on your way to breakfast heaven.


  1. ya-hummmmm! can we do breakfast for dinner sometime soon?

    1. aaaabsolutely :) you know how I roll


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