January 17, 2014

friday food find

I had a slight obsession with one of Panera's seasonal soups this fall. It was their Autumn Squash Soup. I capitalized that because it was SO GOOD. 

I needed an intervention . . . I was going to Panera at least once a week for that heavenly goodness. I decided that I needed to learn how to make it at home, so I went on an epic quest to do so. I tried at least 4 different recipes (and self-proclaimed "copycat" recipes) and even tried inventing one myself. They all fell short. None were worthy. So I just kept going to Panera.

Until one fateful day, I crossed the threshold of the store only to see my soup had been replaced (blurg!) by a new winter soup. I did a 360 and marched right out of the store, fighting back tears (not really, but it was pretty awful).

I may or may not have sent an email to Panera that was peppered with phrases like, "my life is over," "what happened to my beloved soup" and so on.

To which they so nonchalantly replied something to the effect of, "never fear, our seasonal soups may return."


Anyway, this soup was not autumn squash soup, BUT it was my favorite butternut squash recipe that I have tried, and I've tried at least six.

AND it's so low maintenance if you use the slow cooker. win. The maple roasted chickpeas have so much cinnamon and goodness, it will make your house smell like a cinnabon. I am not even joking.

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