January 13, 2014

Monday Motivation

this playlist brought to you by GaGa and Beyonce

Sometimes friends will ask me for workout music . . . and I was looking for something fun to blog about, so ka-pow! let's knock them both out.

What motivates you to work out? If I have good music, I'm guaranteed to have a good workout. It keeps me focused, energized, in the zone. It makes it more fun.

So . . . without further ado, here is a recent list of favorites.

And as a bonus, I will throw in a spin workout. What is spin, you ask? Look here for the 411. If you don't spin, you can easily modify it for running/elliptical/arc trainer.

Spinning is my all-time favorite workout, hands down.

Whatever you do, I hope you find this list of workout music helpful :) enjoy!

1. "Pompeii" - Bastille
[warm-up song . . . but I pretty much adore this song in general :) ]

2. "Team" - Lorde
[standing climb - move with the beat. start at a working load and about every 30 seconds or so, increase resistance]

3. "Best Day of My Life" - American Authors
[seated, working load. keep up the pace, and sprint during the chorus]

4. "Hope We Meet Again" - Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
[standing climb. increase resistance every 30 seconds and sprint during chorus if you want a challenge.]

5. "F-I-R-E" - Press Play
[seated, quick pace. seated or standing sprint during chorus]

6. "The Monster" - Eminem feat. Rihanna
[seated climb. go as heavy as you can (9 or 10 resistance) and put your hands behind your back. during the chorus, you can grab the handlebars and take it up to position #3]

7. "That High" - Pitbull feat. Kelly Rowland
[standing climb. just keep up with the beat and sprint during the chorus for a challenge. resistance should be challenging, at least a 7 or 8.]

8. "Party All Night (Sleep All Day)" - Sean Kingston
[working load, fast pace. use this song for active recovery.]

9. "Run" - Flo Rida feat. RedFoo
[rolling hill - to the count of 4. during the chorus, sprint or change to a count of 2 and only go between position 2 and 3]

10. "The Night Out" - Martin Solveig
[working load, steady pace]

11. "Captured" - TobyMac
[cool down]

  •  adjust resistance on a scale of 1-10 . . .
  • 1 = no resistance.
  • 10 = so heavy that you can barely move the pedals.
  • working load = there is some resistance, but nothing cray - about a 4 or 5.
  • position 1 = seated.
  • position 2 = out of the saddle, with your weight directly over the pedals. your back should be at about a 45 degree angle from the ground. your booty should touch the horn of the saddle each time you pedal down.
  • position 3 = out of the saddle, keep a flat back and hover your body parallel to the ground.
  • standing climb = position 2, with resistance heavy enough to support your body weight. for an extra challenge, put one arm behind your back and switch arms every 30 seconds or so. keep adding resistance each time you do this.
  • rolling hill = first, grab the beat of the song. start with resistance heavy enough to support your body weight. to the count of 4, go between seated, position 2 and position 3.

remember to keep all the weight in your legs and use your arms for balance only. move your body side-to-side when you are out of the saddle.

just have fun :)


  1. Aww I love our awesome Beyonce and Gags pic!! LOL. AND I love your blog! You're such a good writer. Love, BeBe

    1. ohhhh GIRL you are so sweet :) thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. yes! you know i am obsessed with music, and i'm always looking to spice up my workout playlist. thanks for the good suggestions!


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