January 30, 2014

are you too busy?

Last weekend, JD preached a sermon titled, "Busyness that destroys the soul" (listen or read the transcript here).

I found his message extremely relevant and needed . . . especially since I generally thrive on a schedule that stays more packed than I acknowledge.

Especially since December (baking season) is my month to say - "Who needs sleep? I'll sleep when I'm dead! There's baking and delivering and gift giving and hosting and parties!!" . . . Only to find myself ragged, exhausted, looking forward to January . . . clearly needing a balance here.

One question posed during the sermon was, "What drives your busyness?"

It's always a good idea to ask yourself - what is really going on here . . . what is the heart of the issue?

Is our busyness rooted in fear or pride . . .
  • fear that not everything will get done
  • fear of what everyone thinks of you
  • trying to prove something to yourself or others
  • fear that you're the only one who can complete a certain task
  • wanting to be important (busyness can make us feel important, needed, valued - I am definitely guilty of this).
  •  fear of missing out (i.e. if I don't go to every single social event this weekend, I will never meet my future spouse . . . or if I don't overwork, I won't make enough money).

What is going on in our hearts when we feel the need to stay so busy and not allow balance?

Just a little food for thought on your thursday :)

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